Statement On Scam & Impersonation

Published On: July 10, 2023


In recent months, we have received numerous calls and emails from the public who encountered scammers impersonating the fund managers of our Company attempting to lure unsuspecting people to join their “investment group”.

We would like to alert the public that our fund managers’ identity has been misused by these scammers. We would like to reiterate we do not have any WhatsApp stock investment group. We DO NOT promote cryptocurrency, get rich quick schemes or any form of short-term guaranteed investments.

Tradeview Capital is a boutique fund management company licensed by Securities Commission Malaysia. The company is in the business of fund management for sophisticated investors as per the regulations of Securities Commission Malaysia. If you would like to be our client or invest with our fund managers, please reach out to our official website and social media channel only (details as below).


我们谨提醒公众,我们的基金经理的身份被这些骗子滥用。我们想重申,我们没有任何 WhatsApp 股票投资群。我们不推广加密货币、快速致富计划或任何形式的短期担保投资。

Tradeview 资本是一家获得马来西亚证券监督委员会许可的基金管理公司。根据马来西亚证券监督委员会的规定,该公司为投资者提供基金管理业务。如果您想成为我们的客户或与委任我们基金经理提供投资服务,请仅联系我们的官方网站和社交媒体渠道(详情如下)。

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