Tradeview Sustainability Fund Year End Update

Published On: January 3, 2024

Tradeview Sustainability Fund (TSF) Year End Update 2023

Dear valued clients, friends & readers,

It is exactly 1 year since the official launching of Tradeview Capital’s wholesale fund to the public. It is with much delight that I share with you that net of all fees, we managed to successfully deliver above our hurdle rate for TSF holders and achieved 8.1% return for the year.

It was a truly rollercoaster journey getting here. A Sustainable & Responsible Investment (SRI) qualified #sustainability fund is not exactly the sexiest sell compared to a growth fund or tech fund. However, the team believes that in doing good means doing well.

It was also not easy considering that we were trying our best to protect your capital in a volatile market whilst ensuring that we can deliver the alpha to you. The team were under a lot of pressure to deliver as it is the first year of our launching. Many funds or unit trust do not survive beyond their initial launch.

Comparing to the benchmark #FBMKLCI which was -1.53% and #FBM100 which was 1.72%, #TSF delivered 8.1% far exceeding both. This effectively means the team had to demonstrate their individual stock picking ability to defy the odds stacked against them. There were several points in the year which we were far ahead but mistakes cost us the head-start. Nonetheless, we are truly glad that our fundamental and prudent investment strategy paid off in the end.

All in all, our wholesale fund would not have gotten off the ground without your support. The fund grew organically without major backers and it is all of you who entrusted us with your hard earned savings that made it work. For that, on behalf of the team, I express my sincere gratitude.

In the coming year, we hope to continue to deliver our fiduciary responsibility and make sure we beat the market whilst protecting your capital. Wishing all Happy New Year and may 2024 be a good year.


Hann (Zhu Hann NG)
CEO, Tradeview Capital
2nd Jan 2024

PS: TSF is publicly accessible & tracked as the records are updated daily on #Bloomberg#Morningstar#Lipper & our website.