Family Office at Malaysia

Published On: March 28, 2024

During the announcement of Securities Commission Malaysia 2023 Annual Report, the topic of Family Office structure was brought up by Chairman of SC. Zhu Hann NG shared his perspective with Nanyang Siang Pau on the the benefits of having a Family Office framework as soon as possible for the benefit of Malaysia’s 🇲🇾 capital markets. Feel free to have a read HERE.

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留住本地资金·提高马股投资 家族理财室框架需趁早

市场专家认为,政府落实有关在本国设立家族理财室(family office)的法律框架宜早不宜迟,原因是家族理财室可带来两大利好,包括留住本地资金,以及增加投入马股的资金。