Vote for Malaysia

Our country is a relatively young country when it comes to actual democracy. A truly healthy democracy is when there is a peaceful transition of power. 4 years ago was the first time the ruling coalition of the past 60 years handed over reins to the opposition. However, following years of instability where there were 3 different Prime Ministers, many voters were left disillusioned. This is not the fault of the voters and understandably, political apathy sets in.

But the process of democracy is a long journey. In some countries, people lose their lives in exchange for the right to #vote. So why should you give up your votes just because some politicians failed you? I always like to quote the example of #SouthKorea. Apart from K-pop & K-drama, what fascinates me is their political history. It is a country where its democracy truly flourishes. Their social media feedback and public opinion is so powerful that it can bring down the Government of the day. Public survey and polls ratings are also taken seriously such that no political leaders are irreplaceable. This is because the voice of the people matters.

However, it was not too long ago that South Korea ended 30 years of military authoritarian rule when President Kim Dae Jung, recognised as the Nelson #Mandela of South Korea (he was on death row and faced multiple assassination attempts) won the election to become the leader in 1992. Imagine, South Korea was a country behind Malaysia in all aspects but because their democracy flourish, their economy and nation developed.

Readers who followed my writings may think that I am pro-capitalism and the pursuit of wealth is my priority. While I am passionate about investing, without a strong country and economy, our capital markets cannot grow. And the precondition to a strong country is a healthy #democracy. A healthy democracy can only exist if the people care.

I am an optimist by nature. My team as well. Our professional capacity also requires us to be an optimist. I have given up opportunities abroad to build my career here. If more young people do the same, the potential for our country is limitless. I am certain because I have witnessed how the best talents of our country helped build nations abroad. Whenever my clients ask me, why do you still have so much faith in Malaysia, my answer is simple – it’s the people and it’s the only place I feel at #home. The country has been kind to me.

Come what may, whoever you support, whatever your political inclinations, please exercise your fundamental democratic rights. You must vote. It is your birth right, your entitlement and your voice. It does not matter whether your vote falls in marginal seats or a “sure-win” constituency. So long as you vote, then the democracy of our country is alive and well. And if you care enough to vote, then our country’s future is bright. Remember, your vote is not a vote for any single politician or party. It is a vote for our home, #Malaysia.