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FBM KLCI Further Upside

June 11, 2024|

As #FBMKLCI continues to move upwards, Nixon W. shared his positive outlook for the local #bourse with buying momentum sustaining. Feel free to have a read HERE. #bursa

KLCI Sustainable Momentum

June 6, 2024|

There are continuous concern that the stock market is topping. With some profit taking and sell off globally last week, #KLCI retreated to below 1600. Nixon W. shares his view with #StarBiz on his outlook ...

National Semiconductor Strategy

June 1, 2024|

With the Prime Minister launching the National Semiconductor Strategy #NSS, hopping to attract up to RM500 billion in investment in global investments into #Malaysia for the #semiconductor sector, what is the possible outlook for our ...

Revitalising The LEAP Market

May 26, 2024|

The #Edge Cover Story - 27th May 2024 Our CEO, Hann Zhu Hann NG shared his insights on the Bursa Malaysia #LEAP market and its possibilities if the regulators are willing to consider some level ...

Insights From A Maverick Fund Manager

May 24, 2024|

Thank you Financial Literacy for Youths (FLY): Malaysia for reaching out to us & extending the interview to our CEO Zhu Hann NG to share about fund management industry as well as the company. We ...

KLCI Break 1,600

May 15, 2024|

With the continuing #rally for our #FBMKLCI #Bursa, many investors are excited. Zhu Hann NG shared his view with #TheMalaysianReserve on whether the market rally can sustain & outlook for the bourse. Feel free to ...

True? Sell In May & Go Away

May 14, 2024|

With the index breaching 1600 level, a first time in 2 years, would the curse of “sell in May & go away” remain valid? Zhu Hann NG shared his insights with #8TV on the outlook ...

Microsoft Investment

May 7, 2024|

Microsoft major investment into 🇲🇾 is probably the best indicator that our country’s #FDI is picking up pace under the #Madani government. Jia Man Neoh, CFA shared his view with The New Straits Times Press ...

KLCI 1600

May 7, 2024|

With the index breaching 1600 level, a first time in 2 years, would the curse of “sell in May & go away” remain valid? Zhu Hann NG shared his insights with #8TV on the outlook ...

Fed Rate Cut

May 4, 2024|

While the #Fed likely will keep the rate higher for longer, Nixon W. believes once the fed starts cutting rate, the fund flow will return to higher yield markets including Malaysia’s 🇲🇾 equities. Feel free ...

Coffee & Cocoa Price

May 2, 2024|

For the last few months, #cocoa and #coffee prices have been on a tear. Jia Man Neoh, CFA shared his view on the impact and outlook to the F&B industry. Feel free to have a ...

EPF Account 3

April 26, 2024|

With the new EPF Malaysia Account 3 introduction, Hann shared his views with BFM 89.9 - The Business Station hashtag#BFM Morning Brief on its implications & mechanism. As it concerns everyone who are members, there ...

Local Institutional Strong Support

April 26, 2024|

Aa our local bourse continues to perform making new high for the the past year, Nixon W. shared his view with #StarBiz on the reason why in spite foreign fund turning to net sellers YTD. ...

LEAP Market

April 20, 2024|

The idea of the #LEAP market is noble & definitely pro-market development. However, the limitations has impeded the progress of the LEAP market. If we indeed want to grow the LEAP and enhance its competitiveness, ...

EPF Account 3

April 19, 2024|

The potential introduction of Account 3 by #EPF allowing flexible #withdrawal is raising concerns on the potential impact to the #dividend performance of EPF. Zhu Hann NG discussed this issue with #StarBiz on the likely ...

Middle East Conflict

April 16, 2024|

The Middle East conflict is becoming increasingly worrying. The heightened geopolitical risk and talks of escalation should not be underestimated. Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his insights with Nanyang Siang Pau on the impact to ...

Malaysia Outlook

April 13, 2024|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view with #StarBiz on the country’s economic policies and is, “projecting a high single-digit to a low double-digit earnings growth for local corporations in the next 12 months.” Feel ...

Oil & Gas Outlook

April 9, 2024|

#Oil price has been moving well in line with some of the #commodities movement for 2024. Nixon W. shared his take with #StarBiz on the outlook and the oil & gas sector. Feel free to ...

Astro Story

April 7, 2024|

As #Astro share price continue to fall, many are wondering how would the company navigate the structural decline of the pay-tv sector. Jia Man Neoh, CFA shared his view with #StarBiz on the strategy forward ...

Local Equities Market Outlook

April 5, 2024|

Nixon W. shared his take with #StarBiz on the local #equities market outlook following the earnings season. #Bursa Feel free to have a read HERE.  

TSF派息6仙, 14个月实现16%回报

April 3, 2024|

Thank you #NanyangSiangPau for the reporting. 4月1号是愚人节,也是我们公司的2周年。为感谢自创办公司以来,一路支持我们公司的客户投资者,旗下的基金决定派息6%。这个绝对不是愚人节的玩笑。请阅读 衷心感谢Nanyang Siang Pau 的报道。 #dividend #TSF #TradeviewSustainabilityFund #ESG

TSF announces 6 sen dividend

April 2, 2024|

In conjunction with our 2 years #anniversary today, we declared #dividend for all unit holders of Tradeview #Sustainability Fund (#TSF). No, it’s not an April’s Fools prank. It translates to 6% yield per annum for ...

Many Opportunities In Malaysia.

March 28, 2024|

While the larger trend has been investing abroad to chase #alpha, there are still opportunities in #Malaysia. The method & strategy of investment would also have to change by focusing on bottoms up, stock specific ...

Family Office at Malaysia

March 28, 2024|

During the announcement of Securities Commission Malaysia 2023 Annual Report, the topic of Family Office structure was brought up by Chairman of #SC. Zhu Hann NG shared his perspective with Nanyang Siang Pau on the ...

Securities Commission Malaysia 2023 AR

March 26, 2024|

As Securities Commission Malaysia shared their 2023 annual report with the public yesterday, Zhu Hann NG weigh in on the report with BFM 89.9 - The Business Station Morning Brief together with Shazana M. & ...

Outlook for Ringggit

March 24, 2024|

Following the recent #BNM report, Zhu Hann NG shared his insights & analysis with #8TV Morning Express and outlook for the economy and #Ringgit movement. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #MYR #BOP

EPF Allocation to VC

March 21, 2024|

#EPF recent allocation to venture capital fund to investing in mid to growth stage companies has made headlines. Nixon W. shared his comments on the move and whether it is positive and beneficial to our ...

China Outlook

March 20, 2024|

Following the better than expected announcement on the #China #PMI data, Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view on China #economy outlook and whether it can potentially achieve 5% #GDP growth target in 2024. #bottoming ...

Economy & Ringgit Outlook

March 12, 2024|

Zhu Hann NG was on BFM 財今 in studio interview recently to talk about the #Ringgit, Bursa Malaysia stock market & 🇲🇾 economy outlook. Feel free to watch the RECAP. Thank you Isaac Wong & Li ...

Transition To New Economy

March 10, 2024|

Thank you for inviting Zhu Hann NG for the comment on your latest cover story in #StarBiz. Indeed if #Malaysia 🇲🇾 can transition from old economy to new economy in the next decades, this will ...

Outlook In Near Term

March 9, 2024|

Following the earnings reporting season, #KLCI has retraced slightly with outflow of foreign funds and investors locking in gains. Nixon W. shared with #StarBiz on the outlook in the near term and the movement of ...

EPF Dividend

March 6, 2024|

Following EPF Malaysia declaration of the 2023 dividend; conventional fund being 5.5% & shariah account being 5.4%, it attracted a diverse response. Zhu Hann NG shared his insights with BFM 89.9 - The Business Station ...

PCE Data

February 27, 2024|

Zhu Hann NG shared his view on the upcoming US #PCE data announcement which may affect the Federal Reserve rate cut timeline. Also, he discussed with the #AI theme driving the stock market movements and ...

Tourism Outlook

February 26, 2024|

Our CEO, Zhu Hann NG shared his view on Malaysia’s 🇲🇾 tourism outlook and gaming landscape for with Asia Gaming Brief. Thank you Viviana Chan for the interview #gaming #casino #tourism #VisitMalaysia #genting

OSK Group Share Price

February 18, 2024|

OSK Group share price has been on an upwards trajectory for past 7 months. It has garnered market interests on it deep value. Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view with #StarBiz this week and ...

Retail Investors Mindset

February 16, 2024|

Dear all, Zhu Hann NG was on BFM 89.9 - The Business Station Ringgit & Sense programme show, interviewed by the witty Shou Ning Wong. This is the first time Hann is speaking on BFM ...

US Inflation Data

February 15, 2024|

With #Ringgit continued weakness against #USD following the US #CPI inflation data, Nixon W. shared his view on the potential recovery catalyst of #MYR in the medium term. Feel free to have a read HERE. ...

Tech Stocks In 2024

February 10, 2024|

With US #tech stocks making record high, many are starting to wonder about the prospect for local tech stocks in 2024. Zhu Hann NG shared his insights with #StarBiz and the potential opportunities. #semiconductor #AI

Ringgit Weakness

February 8, 2024|

There has been a lot of anxiety with #Ringgit weakness especially against #USD and #SGD. The concern is due to the prolonged weakness even though the economy fundamentals have been improving. Zhu Hann NG shared ...

Malaysian Palm Oil

February 6, 2024|

There were some positive news for #Malaysia palm oil sector last week when the Trade and Agriculture Commission (#TAC), an expert advisory group to the UK Government concluded in an official report that Malaysian palm ...

More M&A in 2024

February 3, 2024|

StarBiz 2nd Feb 2024 Cover Report Zhu Hann NG shared his insights with #StarBiz on the positive outlook of M&A activities along with other industry experts #Deloitte Partner Kong Meng Yap, #Rakuten Head of Equity ...

Local Equity Outlook

February 2, 2024|

With #FBMKLCI at 17-months high, the outlook for our local #bourse looks bright since the start of 2024. Nixon W. shared his view with #StarBiz and his take on the market including the concerns he ...

Retail Grocer Sector 2

February 1, 2024|

In the second part of the special report on the #retail sector, Hann spoke to Nanyang Siang Pau on the need to adapt for the existing mini markets and convenience stores to remain relevant in ...

Retail Grocer Sector

January 29, 2024|

In a special report on the retail grocer sector, Zhu Hann NG spoke to Nanyang Siang Pau on the changing landscape of the retail grocer industry outlook for Malaysia, challenges & growth opportunities. Several prominent ...


January 25, 2024|

With the rise of #scams, banks and financial institutions have been stepping up their #security measures. Nixon W. shared his insights with #StarBiz. Feel free to have a read HERE.

EV Sector

January 22, 2024|

Zhu Hann NG Hann shared his insights on the #EV sector & outlook for #Malaysia 🇲🇾 in #NanyangSiangPau special report. Thank you Tobby Siew (蕭維暘) for your kind invitation to our #CEO for his comments. ...

Water Sector

January 18, 2024|

With the adjustment of water tariff, the water sector and related stocks are now in the limelight. Nixon W. shared his view with #StarBiz on the sector outlook. Feel free to have a read HERE. #PBA #Water #Tariff

Gold Price

January 17, 2024|

With ongoing geopolitical tension globally, the spotlight is back on #gold as a safe haven asset class. Zhu Hann NG shared his two cents on gold as a safe haven and its price movement ahead. ...

Norges Bank & Cahya Mata Sarawak

January 14, 2024|

Following Norges Bank Investment Management ceasing to be the substantial shareholder of Cahya Mata Sarawak hashtag#CMSB, The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad sought the comment of Zhu Hann NG on the potential reasoning behind ...

Global Economic Outlook 2024

January 13, 2024|

Zhu Hann NG shared his view on the recent World Bank Report on the global economic growth outlook for 2024 & his take on Malaysia's hashtag#GDP forecast for the year ahead. Feel free to watch the ...

The Insight Story of Hann

January 9, 2024|

Our CEO, Hann was featured on #theSunDaily recently. He shared his thoughts on #entrepreneurship, aspiration for #TradeviewCapital & who he looks up to in life with Hayatun Razak. Thank you for coverage. Feel free to have a read HERE. #business #SunBiz ...

Malaysian Bonds

January 8, 2024|

Nixon W. shared his view with #starbiz on the weak #myr and the effect for local issued #bonds specifically #MGS. Feel free to have a read HERE. #currency #interestrates #federalreserve

 Bursa 2023 IPO & Outlook 2024

January 5, 2024|

Zhu Hann NG shared his view with #BusinessTimes Singapore on the #Bursa #IPO market and outlook for #2024. Feel free to have a read HERE. #AceMarket

Tradeview Sustainability Fund Year End Update

January 3, 2024|

Tradeview Sustainability Fund (TSF) Year End Update 2023 Dear valued clients, friends & readers, It is exactly 1 year since the official launching of Tradeview Capital’s wholesale fund to the public. It is with much ...

Stock Ideas For 2024

January 1, 2024|

#StarBiz Year End Cover Story Along with other industry peers, Zhu Hann NG shared his stock ideas for 2024. The story for your reading pleasure. Feel free to have a read HERE. hashtag#PBA hashtag#bursamalaysia hashtag#FBMKLCI ...

Bursa Ends Weaker

January 1, 2024|

As the year comes to a close, Jia Man Neoh, CFA shared his view with #NST on the year end weaker closing & his outlook of #FBMKLCI for 2024. Feel free to have a read HERE. #Bursa #2024outlook

2024 A Better Year

December 28, 2023|

Nixon W. shared his insights with #StarBiz that 2024 will be a better year for #Malaysia equities with potential rate cut for the #Fed and stronger inflow to select sectors in our local stock market. Feel free to have a read ...

Glove Stocks

December 20, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view on #8TV Morning Express on the recent relief rally of #glove stocks and the sector outlook. Feel free to watch the RECAP.

Cabinet Reshuffle

December 13, 2023|

As our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim reshuffled the hashtag#Cabinet yesterday, a notable appointment was former hashtag#EPF CEO, Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah. Market is looking forward to the ideas and policies under his steward ...

Nvdia To Malaysia

December 12, 2023|

Following the visit of hashtag#Nvdia to hashtag#Malaysia and indicating they will be building an hashtag#AI data centre, it has raised much publicity to our country as a destination for hashtag#FDI. Our Portfolio Manager, Tzyy Loon ...

Progressive Wage Policy

December 2, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view with hashtag#8TV morning news on the impending progressive wage policy rollout by Minister Rafizi Ramli and its potential impact to society as a whole. hashtag#progressivewage hashtag#policy

Mitigate RM Depreciation

November 28, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view with #BFMCaijin on #Ringgit weakness and how to mitigate the risk of depreciation. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #Forex #Currency

Outlook For Trade

November 22, 2023|

Cheng Wen Tan shared his view on the country’s trade outlook for the nation with amidst global economic uncertainty. Feel free to have a read HERE. #trade #economy #import #export #forex

Sime Darby Disposal Hospital

November 16, 2023|

Jia Man Neoh, CFA in looking at the #SimeDarby disposal of #healthcare unit to #ColumbiaAsia consortium, opined that the deal is a win-win arrangement for both parties & value accretive for acquirer. #Bursa #mergersandacquisitions #NST

Ringgit Outlook

November 14, 2023|

Nixon W. shared his view on the #Ringgit outlook following US #Fed pausing rate hike for the last two #FOMC meetings. He believes that the #MYR should strengthen once the #Fed policy normalise in the coming months. Feel free to have a read HERE. #Bursa ...

Sime Darby & UMW Deal

November 12, 2023|

Jia Man Neoh, CFA shares his insights with #NST Business Times on the rejection of #EPF voting right on the #SimeDarby & #UMW merger as well as the outlook of the deal. Feel free to have a read HERE. #Bursa #RPT #mergersandacquisitions

Apple Outlook

November 8, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared with #8TV on #Apple stock’s outlook following it’s dipped in product sales. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #Tech #earnings

PT Bank Commonwealth

November 5, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view with #StarBiz on the acquisition of PT Common Bank by #CIMB and whether the corporate exercise will make sense for the group’s prospects. Feel free to have a read HERE. #mergersandacquisitions #banking ...


November 2, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view with #8TV on the impending #BNM #OPR meeting. While our Prime Minister has stated that rising #OPR is not the only way to fight inflation, many central banks around the world has resorted to increase lending ...

Gold Investment

October 27, 2023|

With the rising temperature on geopolitical conflicts specifically Israel-Palestine war & yet to be resolved Ukraine-Russia war, many investors are looking towards risk off investment strategies. Zhu Hann NG shared his view with #NST on various safe haven ...

Subsidy Rationalization Lead To Inflationary Pressure

October 21, 2023|

The #Budget2024 unlike the years prior appeared to be more fiscally responsible. However there have been concerns that #subsidy rationalisation will lead to inflationary pressure. Nixon W. along with other industry experts shared their view with #StarBiz. Feel free to have a ...

Malaysia’s Budget Deficit Reduce

October 18, 2023|

Following #Budget2024 announcement, Nixon W. shared his view on the fiscally responsible approached adopted by the current #Madani government in their tabling of the Budget and its potential positive impact from a reduction in budget deficit. Feel free to have ...

Budget 2024

October 14, 2023|

As #Budget2024 approaches, #FBMKLCI rebounded and rallied for the past week rebounding 2.1%. Zhu Hann NG shared his anticipation for the Budget and his expectations. Feel free to have a read HERE.

Global GDP

October 13, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his take with #8TV on the slowing global economic growth with forecast coming in that 2024 would be lower than 3%. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #Economy #Growth #Slowdown

Attract Fund Flow In

October 10, 2023|

【视频】黄詝瀚:提振马股 政府须遏止资金外流 Tradeview资本总执行长兼董事经理黄詝瀚吁请政府,要想振兴股市,除了推动本地新型经济外,也应该更关注资金外流的问题。 Zhu Hann NG shared his view with Nanyang Siang Pau recently on the #Budget2024 wish list where he hopes the Government will focus on improving the competitiveness of #Malaysia capital market with policies to attract fund flow into the ...

Budget 2024

October 5, 2023|

With the #Budget2024 around the corner, many are hoping it would be a catalyst for the local stock market to recover from its current tepid performance. Nixon W. shared his take with #StarBiz on the outlook in the near term. #bursa #stockmarket. Feel ...

Genting Frontrunner New Casino Licence

October 2, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG shared his views with #StraitsTimes Singapore on Genting’s prospect following the rumours of #Genting being the frontrunner for a new #casino license to be issued in New York. Feel free to read.

More FDI

September 28, 2023|

FDI is an important component of the economy. Foreign fund inflow is also a catalyst for the growth of the domestic economic pie & the stock market. Nixon W. shared his view with #Starbiz on the outlook for #FDI ...

PM Second Visit To China

September 21, 2023|

Following our Prime Minister’s second visit to #China with announcement of over potential RM20 billion new investments, how will our economy benefit from it? Zhu Hann NG shared his views with #8TV morning news segment. Feel free to watch the RECAP. ...

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

September 15, 2023|

Jia Man Neoh, CFA who is also in charge of our Tradeview #Sustainability Fund (#TSF) shared his take on #ESG with #StarBiz & it’s importance to fund managers when investing. Feel free to have a read HERE.

12th Malaysia Plan (12MP)

September 14, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared with #8TV his view on the 12 Malaysia Plan mid term review where the government allocated additional budget of RM15 billion. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #12MP

Property Sector

September 10, 2023|

Following the strong performance of the bursa property #index, which saw many property companies share price outperform the #KLCI index YTD, the momentum has slowed down of late. Cheng Wen Tan shares his view with #NST on the market outlook of #Bursa as ...

New Industrial Masterplan 2030

September 7, 2023|

The Government recently launched the New Industrial Masterplan 2030 #NIMP2030. Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his insights with #8TV Morning News on the potential benefits for the country's economy and industry development in the long term. Feel free to watch ...

Foreign Funds Will Come Malaysia

September 1, 2023|

Aa #China #economy turns weaker, foreign funds will need to turn to other emerging markets & regions. Will our country stand to benefit? Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shares his take with #8TV morning news today. Feel free to watch the RECAP.  

Boustead-KLK Deal

August 30, 2023|

The recent proposed acquisition for 33% of #Boustead Plantation by KLK has caught the attention of many investors considering #KLK only embarked on a major acquisition of IJM Plantation in 2021. The question is whether this corporate exercise is ...

EPF Higher Income

August 29, 2023|

As #EPF recently reported significant in improvement in investment income, should the general public consider increasing their investments in EPF via voluntary contribution? Jia Man Neoh, CFA shared his view with BFM 財今 segment. Feel free to listen HERE. #KWSP ...

US Prospect

August 27, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his take with #8TV morning news on the potential #US #recession and likelihood of a soft landing following the #Fed continued hawkish tone to maintain rate hike to bring down inflation. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #ratehike ...

Tech Stocks The Next

August 26, 2023|

Nixon W. shared his view with #StarBiz on the low weightage of #tech stocks on #KLCI index and the growth & value forecast of the tech sector. Feel free to have a read HERE.  

Banking Sector

August 23, 2023|

The #banking stocks have did rather well in their upwards #rally in the past 2 months. Apart from foreign fund inflow, what are the other reasons encouraging the uptrend and investment interest in the sector? Nixon W. shared his view #StarBiz ...

GDP Malaysia

August 22, 2023|

Following the weaker Q2 #GDP figures, our Government is seeking to find ways to maintain the economic growth towards the 4-5% range for 2023. Zhu Hann NG shared with #8TV today on the possible measures to focus as well ...

EPF Favourable Returns

August 17, 2023|

#EPF stellar returns have shown the resilience of the organisation. This may bode well for the dividend for EPF members. Nixon W. shared his take with #Starbiz on the 2H2023 potential catalyst that may help keep the domestic market ...

Outlook After State Elections

August 15, 2023|

Following the recently concluded state elections, investors are looking for a clear direction of the markets, hoping for KLCI to rebound from its current levels. Nixon W. shared with #StarBiz on the outlook & how investors should consider ...

Outlook For 2H2023

August 13, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG shared with The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad on 🇲🇾 Q2 #GDP forecast & the outlook for #2H2023. Feel free to have a read HERE.

Country Garden

August 10, 2023|

As China #property sector remains in a doldrum, Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his take on the recent potential default of the two #USD #bonds by #CountryGarden & whether the cross #default may impact the local #sukuk issued in 🇲🇾. Feel free to watch the RECAP.

Profit Taking Leading To State Elections

August 2, 2023|

Jia Man Neoh, CFA also shared his near term outlook on #Bursa movement following the strong rally in the past 2 weeks. As the market succumb to profit taking activities leading to the run up of the state ...

Renewable Energy Sector Outlook

July 31, 2023|

Nanyang Siang Pau spoke to Zhu Hann NG on the renewable energy sector outlook & listed companies in the sector. Following the announcement of the #NETR which looks to be a great direction forward by the Government, it is clear ...

Market Outlook On Nomination Day

July 30, 2023|

Jia Man Neoh, CFA & Cheng Wen Tan shared their take with The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad on the market outlook for #Bursa as we approach the 6 states election #PRN.  Feel free to have a read OPENS & ENDS.

Reducing Lot Size For Trading

July 29, 2023|

Following the announcement under the #EkonomiMadani framework, fractional trading will soon be allowed which will broaden the retail investors participation. Feel free to have a read HERE. #Bursa #SC #fractionaltrading  

Market Positively In Long Term

July 28, 2023|

Following the announcement of the Ekonomi #Madani by our Prime Minister yesterday, the market reacted positively with the #narrative and long term plans shared by the Government. Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view with #8TV today on the potential spillover effects and #economic ...

Market Rebound Due To Foreign Fund

July 23, 2023|

Investors in the local stock market can breath a sigh of relief as #Bursa has recovered as foreign fund flowed into our local bourse for the last 6/7 days being major net buyers. As KLCI is now ...

MST Golf Group & Golfing Industry

July 19, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his take in his Nanyang Siang Pau column on the golfing industry and the #economics behind the #sport in conjunction with the MST Golf Group listing on #Bursa. Feel free to have a read HERE. #golf #IPO

LTAT New Strategic Plan

July 15, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG our CEO shared his view with #NST on the recent #LTAT Strategic Plan 2023-2025 launching including its return prospects as well #AUM growth target. Feel free to have a read HERE.  

Outlook For Small & Mid Cap Stocks

July 12, 2023|

Cheng Wen Tan our vice President shared his view with #NST business & on the outlook for small and mid cap stocks for #Bursa and the potential for re-rating. Feel free to have a read HERE. #smallcap #midcap

Statement On Scam & Impersonation

July 10, 2023|

STATEMENT ON SCAM & IMPERSONATION In recent months, we have received numerous calls and emails from the public who encountered scammers impersonating the fund managers of our Company attempting to lure unsuspecting people to join ...

Short Term Outlook For BNM Rate Hikes Pause

July 8, 2023|

Jia Man Neoh, CFA shared his short term outlook for the local bourse following the #BNM rate pause and the impending state elections. Feel free to have a read HERE. #Bursa #elections

OPR Before State Elections

July 5, 2023|

On the eve of #BNM decision on #OPR, Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shares his view with #8TV on the potential decision and impact of rate hike. Feel free to watch the RECAP. .

Why Ringgit Weakening

July 4, 2023|

Hann shared his take on Singapore Dollars versus #Ringgit and the weak #forex movement in this morning show on #8TV morning news. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #MYR #SGD

BNM Intervention Ringgit

June 29, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view on BNM forex intervention measure and the movement of #Ringgit. There is also the discussion on rising #OPR rate and attracting #FDI. Feel free to watch the RECAP. .

Spurring The Capital Market.

June 24, 2023|

Nixon W. shared his view on the recent measures announcement by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to support the capital markets & local domestic stock market. Feel free to have a read HERE. #Bursa #capitalmarkets

RM against USD & SGD

June 21, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shares his view with #8TV morning news on the #Ringgit movement outlook against #USD & #SGD following the pause in #Fed rate hike. Feel free to watch the RECAP.

Malaysia’s Tech Stocks

June 19, 2023|

With the recent rally in #Nasdaq and the big 10 tech stocks, domestic #technology stocks have moved higher in tandem. Jia Man Neoh, CFA shared his view with The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad on the near term outlook and the ...

Targeted Subsidy Scheme For Utilities

June 18, 2023|

Hann shared his view with #8TV on the targeted subsidy scheme for the country’s utilities, Tenaga Nasional Berhad receivables and ICPT scheme & the impact on consumer demand especially its varying effects on T20, M40 & B40. Feel ...

New Rule For Short Selling

June 15, 2023|

Nixon W. shared a short take with The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad on the expansion of short selling to companies with market cap above RM200 million. Feel free to have a read HERE. #Shortselling #IDSS ...

The Best of Nanyang Siang Pau

June 14, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG in conjunction with Nanyang Siang Pau #centennial #anniversary, shared how the paper shaped his business perspective & learning through the years. Feel free to have a read HERE. 黄詝瀚:《南洋商报》培养商心、商意识 Tradeview资本总执行长兼董事经理黄詝瀚从小就习惯了“商阅读”,后来拿起报章,他第一时间关注的就是财经新闻。

Outlook Of Second Half 2023

June 11, 2023|

Nixon W. shares his insights with #StarBiz on the outlook for Bursa Malaysia 🇲🇾 for the second half of 2023 and direction. Feel free to have a read HERE. #stockmarket #outlook  

Ringgit Weakness on 8TV

June 7, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG shared his thoughts with #8TV morning news on the #Ringgit prolonged weakness & potential policies to shore up the currency for 2H2023. Feel free to watch the RECAP.

Ringgit Weakness on Bernama TV

June 4, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG shared his view with Bernama TV 🇲🇾 on the recent #Ringgit weakness and near term outlook including surrounding circumstances affecting its movement. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #MYR #outlook2023 #forex

Market Weakness of Bursa

May 29, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG shared his view with Nanyang Siang Pau on the recent market weakness of #Bursa and the global markets movements impacting its near term outlook. He touched on the US debt ceiling crisis, Ringgit weakness & recent ...

Plantation Sector & MYR Outlook

May 25, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG shares his view on the plantation sector outlook following the recent results of Sime Darby Plantation & the #currency movements of #MYR against #USD. Feel free to watch the RECAP.

US Debt Ceiling

May 25, 2023|

Nixon W. shares his take on the US Debt Ceiling issue that is impacting market sentiment as well as roiling global forex markets including #MYR depreciating against #usd & #SGD. Feel free to have a read HERE. #debtceiling #forex #currency

Speak At Bursa For Topics Financial Literacy

May 13, 2023|

Yesterday, Zhu Hann NG was invited to speak at #Bursa touching on topics of financial literacy & #investing in the stock market. It is always a great pleasure to be given the opportunity to speak in the heart of 🇲🇾 capital ...

Strengthening RM

May 11, 2023|

Following the recent OPR rate hike, #MYR have been strengthening. Can this momentum continue? Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shares his take with #8TV. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #Ringgit #Forex #RateHike

EPF Increase Domestic Investments

May 9, 2023|

#StarBiz Commentary 9th May 2023 Nixon W. shared his view with Starbiz on the recent proposal by Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim calling for #EPF to increase allocation for domestic investments and the potential spillover effects for ...

US Banking Sector Bankruptcy

May 8, 2023|

Jia Man Neoh, CFA in his first appearance on #8TV shared his view on the US banking sector fragility and bankruptcy as well as his outlook for the local banks. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #Bank ...

BNM Surprise Rate Hike

May 5, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG hann shared his view with #8TV on the recent #BNM surprise #rate hike and it’s impact to the markets. Feel free to watch the RECAP.  

Impact Of Fed Rate Hike

May 4, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view with #8TV on the impending #OPR rate hike and how it will impact the local industries should #BNM raises rate in tandem with #Fed rate hike. Feel free to watch the RECAP.

Second Casino In Sarawak 

April 26, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG shared his view this morning with #8TV on the rumoured potential second casino to be set up in #Sarawak and its implication to the country's economy, people & #Genting group. Feel free to watch the RECAP.

Bonds & Precious Metals The Flavour

April 22, 2023|

Nixon W. shared his view with #StarBiz recently on the flow towards bonds and precious metals under current investment climate. Feel free to have a read HERE. #Bonds #Investment  

Market Impact on Special Public Holiday

April 21, 2023|

On the issue of public holidays, Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shares his view on the cost of business and impact on inflationary pressure. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #PublicHoliday #HariRaya #inflation

Buy Gold

April 20, 2023|

Nixon W. shares his take on the age old commodity, gold and its value. Feel free to have a read HERE. #Gold #Safehaven #Bursa

Potential Of Data Center

April 19, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG shares his view on the potential of data center and our strategic location in Southeast Asia to attract more investment in this sector with #8TV today. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #datacenter #FDI ...

Shortage of Capital Markets Talents

April 15, 2023|

The topic discussed this week by Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA with #8TV is interesting as it touch on the shortage of the capital markets talents. Salary isn’t the only consideration. Feel free to watch the RECAP.

Bond Market Sees Foreign Fund Inflows

April 12, 2023|

Foreign fund flows to the equity markets has been muted for the year but the same cannot be said for the #bond markets. It is a healthy flow inwards in light of interest rate peaking and #inflation moderating. Nixon W. shares ...

Banking Storm Temporarily Over

April 6, 2023|

Following the merger between #UBS & #CreditSuisse, it would seem the storm in the teacup is temporarily over. Zhu Hann NG shares his view with #8TV Morning Express on the banking sector stability and outlook. Feel free to watch the RECAP.


April 5, 2023|

The topic of de-dollarisation is gaining traction with large economies opting for inter-country trades in other currencies like RMB; Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shares his view with #8TV. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #USD #Currency #dedollarization #RMB

Improved Prospects for Tech Sector

April 4, 2023|

With #Nasdaq re-entering the bull market territory, does it mean the local #tech sector is out of the woods yet? Nixon W. shares his outlook for 2023 on the sector. Feel free to have a read HERE.

Anniversary of Tradeview Capital

April 2, 2023|

Exactly today, which also happened to be April Fool’s Day was the first day of operations for us. It was sort of a prelude to us for wanting to start a business in capital markets. ...

Landscape of The Banking Sector

April 1, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view on the landscape of the #banking sector with #8TV morning news today. Feel free to watch the RECAP. #svbcollapse

Near Term Outlook

March 29, 2023|

As the KLCI remains to hover around 1400 level, many are wondering about the outlook of our domestic market. If there is in fact any catalyst or the lack of it, what is in store ...

Tik Tok CEO

March 26, 2023|

Tik Tok CEO was summoned by US lawmakers to explain concerns on its data protection and ties to #china government. Feel free to watch Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA first appearance on #8TV morning news and his take on the subject. ...

Glove Stocks

March 25, 2023|

With the recent rally of #glove stocks, many are wondering if it has more upside to go. Nixon W. shares his take with #StarBiz. Feel free to have a read HERE.  

Potential Impact on Inflation & Food Security

March 21, 2023|

Zhu Hann NG shared his view today with #8TV on the Black Sea initiative to allow transportation of grains and wheat and the extension. He also discussed the potential impact on inflation and food security. Feel free to ...

Keeping EPF Safe and Sound

March 20, 2023|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA Loon shares his view on #EPF against unit trust investment. Feel free to have a read HERE. #EPF #UnitTrust #Investment  

Ripe for The Picking

March 15, 2023|

This was a timely piece by Nixon W. where he shared his view on the KLCI & market outlook following the SVB debacle. Feel free to have a read HERE. #Bursa #KLCI #siliconvalleybank

Investors Watch for Clues

March 12, 2023|

Our CIO Nixon W. shares his views with #StarBiz on the Fed rate hike movement which will impact funds flows to Asian markets as well his review of the recent earnings reporting season which was lakckluster. Feel free ...

Investing For The Next Generation

March 8, 2023|

"Our team shares the same values where our investment thesis is premised on finding good companies and investing for the next generation for our clients. We are all about building wealth and preserving legacy, hence ...

REITs Sector Outlook

February 21, 2023|

The Edge Malaysia Weekly featured Zhu Hann NG's view on the #REITs sector & the potential recovery due to China's lifting of the Covid-0 policy 2 weeks ago. With recovery from a low share price, this sector may be one that ...

The Pillar Behind Tradeview Sustainability Fund

February 19, 2023|

Our newly launched Tradeview Sustainability Fund (#TSF) was featured in this week’s The Edge #ESG pullout. The story shares the personalities of our team of fund managers, their thought process & investment strategies; including some stocks in ...

Fed Rate Hike Concerns Remain

February 8, 2023|

Nixon W. (not the one in the pic) shared his take on the Fed rate hike concerns and fund flows as well as the outlook / impact towards the stock market following the Fed's speech ...

Indonesia’s CPO Benchmark Price

February 6, 2023|

Jia Man Neoh, CFA with his experience in the #plantation sector shared his view with #StarBiz over the weekend on the new Indonesia CPO benchmark plan & its impact on the palm oil sector. This was the cover ...

Better FY2022 Results Likely

February 2, 2023|

With upcoming results season coming soon, Nixon W. shares his view with #StarBiz on the outlook. "Moving into 2023, he opined the technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism industries would be interesting to look into, as returning demand may be ...

Tech Sector on Investors’ Radar

January 25, 2023|

As we usher in the year of the #Rabbit, Nixon W. shared his views with #StarBiz on the recent #tech sector relief rally globally and local. Are there still more upside or will the rebound fizzle out? Feel free to have ...

BNM Pause Rate Hike

January 20, 2023|

Following #BNM temporary pause in rate hike, maintaining the #OPR at 2.75%, it brought some relief to the people and businesses especially those with loans. What was the main concern of BNM and will this rate remain so ...

China’s Reopening

January 17, 2023|

Hann shared his view to The Straits Times on China's reopening. While nothing is certain, the long awaited opening of China's economy is definitely a boon. Please find the news as below. Feel free to have ...

Thailand First Casino In The Country

January 14, 2023|

As #Thailand leaders appears to be pushing for a proposal to set up the first #casino in the country, how will this impact neighbouring countries in Asean which has existing casino operations? More importantly, will #Genting group be affected? Hann ...

Revenue Group Story

January 10, 2023|

Once a mid cap darling of the stock market, Revenue Group made headlines in the recent weeks due to shareholder tussles between the 3 founders of the company. In addition, is there any momentum in ...

Continous Rising Interest Rates

January 7, 2023|

With rising interest rates under an inflationary climate, there are concerns on the rise in #bankruptcy in Malaysia. #8TV Morning Express news invited Hann to share his insights on the situation & possible solutions to the predicament. Those who ...

Outlook for 2023: A New Year of Old Issues

January 3, 2023|

StarBiz Commentary 3rd January 2023 To kickoff the year, Starbiz asked some company leaders from various sectors to comment on their #outlook for 2023 economy and their future prospects. Hann shared his insights with them. Feel ...

Potential Acquisition of Tan Sri Vincent Tan

December 29, 2022|

There has been #rumours swirling on the potential acquisition target of Tan Sri Vincent Tan which is likely a licensed financial services institution under #BNM. Nanyang Siang Pau reached out to Hann for his analysis on the potential ...

Glove & EMS Stocks In The Spotlight

December 28, 2022|

Both sectors, #gloves and #EMS are recently back in the spotlight of investors due to China lifting of #Covid 0 policy. How will the outbreak of Covid-10 infection in #china affect the sectors? Zhu Hann NG shares his view with #StarBiz. Thanks Editor Ganeshwaran Kana, MBA, BEcon ...

Valuations to drive M&A activity next year

December 27, 2022|

In 2023, would there be increased M&A activities? Nixon W. shares his views with #StarBiz on this and the sectors likely to see some action. Ultimately, it also comes to the fundamentals - valuation. Feel free to have ...

Insights For 2023

December 26, 2022|

A look back of 2022 for the capital markets and how it has been for investors. Jia Man Neoh, CFA shared his view with The Edge Malaysia & insights for 2023. “Despite the broad-based market weakness, Neoh highlights that ...

加密货币“信仰者” Cryptocurrency

December 25, 2022|

The #cryptocurrency market implosions throughout 2022 is an important lesson for investors. Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA who have repeatedly warn about the #bubble in the sector, wrote a rather honest piece in his Nanyang Siang Pau recently. Feel free to ...

Prospect of EVs in 2023

December 23, 2022|

Yesterday, #StarBiz seek Zhu Hann NG's comment on the prospect of EVs in 2023 and the #outlook. No doubt #EV is in trend but would the take up rate be higher and what are the potential challenges? Feel free to ...

Outlook In 2023

December 21, 2022|

There are two camps when it comes to the outlook in 2023. You are either in the bear camp which is extremely concern on potential recession or you are on the bull camp which believes ...

Public Bank Legendary Founder Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow

December 12, 2022|

Our deepest condolences on the passing of Public Bank legendary founder, Tan Sri #TehHongPiow. He worked his way up in the early days with late Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat, founder of #Maybank becoming the General Manager in early 30s ...

Potential ESG investments & The Importance of Metrics

December 1, 2022|

Jia Man Neoh, CFA our fund manager in charge of the Tradeview Sustainability Fund (#TSF) shares his view with CITYPlus FM morning crew #StockWatch segment on the potential of #ESG investments & the importance of metrics when assessing the companies. Tzyy Loon Ng, ...

Looking Tech Stocks Again

November 22, 2022|

The past year has witnessed the #tech sector retrace and fallen significantly across the board. Many investors in the tech sector be globally or locally have suffered. As the tech sector has corrected significantly, is there any ...

Stock Market After Election

November 22, 2022|

For those who are worried about the performance of the stock market in the coming weeks, please tread with caution and avoid speculating on politically linked names. The political landscape remains fluid. Hann shares his ...

Vote for Malaysia

November 19, 2022|

Our country is a relatively young country when it comes to actual democracy. A truly healthy democracy is when there is a peaceful transition of power. 4 years ago was the first time the ruling ...

Outlook of the US Market & CPI Data

November 9, 2022|

#BFMCaijin invited Zhu Hann NG to discuss on the near term outlook of the markets with the mid term elections, #CPI data release in the background. For those keen to listen in, the recap of the HERE. #podcast #interview #elections #markets

EV Opportunities & Pitfalls

November 7, 2022|

StarBiz Commentary - 5th November 2022 E.V is a rising and major theme in the world as well as capital markets. While there are opportunities in the stock market, there are clearly plenty of pitfalls ...

Become a Fundamental Investor 基本面投资方法

November 6, 2022|

With only 2 months left in 2022, it has been a torrid year for most global stock markets. In his usual candour manner, Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his insights on the challenges of #investing, importance of #research and the ...

Index Dips on Fed Rate Hike Knee-jerk Reaction

November 5, 2022|

Following the recent #Fed rate hike of another 75 basis points, there were #panic selling across the global markets including our local front. #StarBiz got in touch with Nixon W. for his view on the near term market outlook and if ...

Journey in the Capital Markets & Becoming a Fund Manager

November 3, 2022|

FIRL Guys recently invited #Tradeview Capital's CIO, Nixon W. to share his journey in building a career in the capital markets & becoming a fund manager with commendable track record. For those who are interested to understand how the fund ...

Market Outlook for Elections 选情主宰马股

November 2, 2022|

综指10月涨66点 选情主宰本月马股 随着美联储稍微放软鹰派立场,加上投资者趁低吸纳,全球股市上个月普遍迎来涨势。请读这新闻 Hann was interviewed by #NanyangSiangPau for his outlook for the local stock market in the coming months with elections & #FOMC continuously hawkish rate hike in the pipeline. Have a read for those keen. #elections #stockmarket #大马股市 #美联储  

Bursa Lagging Behind

October 28, 2022|

An interesting topic which is important for 🇲🇾 capital market development. Our local stock exchange #Bursa , operated by Bursa Malaysia Berhad has huge potential to be a leading exchange in the region. Malaysia has many brilliant companies & ...

Tech Sector Outlook

October 21, 2022|

#Tech sector which was all the vogue throughout the pandemic and hitting dizzying heights in 2021 has gone through a complete reversal in the past year. Most if not all have corrected by 50% or more. ...

GE15 & Impact on the Stock Markets

October 16, 2022|

With the #parliament dissolved and #GE15 impending, most are concerned about the country’s economic outlook. Political stability has always been important when it comes to economic health & investor sentiment. Our CIO Nixon W. shared his view with #StarBiz on his take ...

Budget 2023

October 10, 2022|

Hann shared his view on #8TV following the tabling do the #budget2023. It was a wonderful experience on primetime #live TV. It is definitely fast paced and exhilarating especially the preparation behind the scenes. Feel free to watch the recap ...

Oil & Gas Sector Outlook

October 7, 2022|

Thank you #StarBiz for the interview of Nixon W. and Jia Man Neoh, CFA for their view on Oil & Gas sector outlook following the recent #OPEC+ production cut. Feel free to have a read HERE. PETRONAS OPEC

BNM Hiking Interest Rate 国行无需激进升息

October 3, 2022|

With hawkish #fed likely to move towards hiking interest rate to 4.6% terminal rate, the concern over our country’s currency weakness has spurred calls for #bnm to increase rates too. However, currency weakness and interest rates are only one ...

Divergence in banks’ ESG ratings

September 28, 2022|

Our fund manager Jia Man Neoh, CFA who specialises in ESG and #sustainability investments shared his view with The Edge Malaysia #ESG pullout recently. Thank you The Edge & Editor Kuek for the opportunity. Feel free to have a read HERE. ...

Outlook of Glove Sector, StarBiz

August 20, 2022|

StarBiz Cover Story - 20th August 2022 Tradeview Capital CIO, Nixon Wong shared his insights with #Starbiz on the outlook concerns of #glove sector including the future prospect considering how share prices has plummeted significantly from its peak. It ...

Fed Rate Hike 美联储升息

August 10, 2022|

Our Fund Manager Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his view in Nanyang recently on Fed rate hike path as well as his thoughts on the future potential implications should recession risk cools off. Feel free ...

Financial Freedom 财务自由

August 4, 2022|

  With his witty sense of humour, our Fund Manager Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shares a refreshing take on the concept of “financial freedom” and whether it is a viable life goal. Feel free to have ...

Scams Are on The Rise 别碰自己不懂的投资

July 13, 2022|

In a dire time of investor sentiment, the proliferation of scams, unlicensed investment schemes & frauds are increasingly on a rise. Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA shared his insights in his column in Nanyang Siang Pau. ...

Investment in Unit Trust 投资信托基金

July 6, 2022|

Tzyy Loon Ng, CFA writes weekly for Nanyang Siang Pau Sdn Bhd and his column is very popular. This is largely due to his candour, sharp and witty expression. Last week he touched on the viability of ...

Global Markets Outlook (2H2022)

July 4, 2022|

Hann shared his view today with The Edge Malaysia on the current crisis brewing in global financial markets & the outlook. While a recession may appear to be in the horizon, there are potential opportunities & pitfalls. ...

LEAP Market’s Potential and Shortcomings

June 27, 2022|

Thank you Editor Liew Jia Teng & The Edge Malaysia for featuring Hann’s view on #LEAP market’s potential & shortcomings towards Bursa Malaysia capital market development. Feel free to have a read. #Bursa #LEAPmarket

2022 金鹰奖柔佛讲座

June 11, 2022|

  (新山11日讯)通货膨胀,投资有何诀窍?充满谋略的投资高手胜在可准确预测酝酿的"大风暴"或"上涨潮",做到运筹帷幄,决战千里之外;对此,Tradeview 资本总执行长黄詝瀚传授宝贵的实战经验说:投资者务必盯紧国内外宏观经济变化,同时善用数据来预估接下来的经济走势与风险.   转载南洋商报专栏

An Eye for Risk Management, New Straits Times

June 8, 2022|

Our CIO, Nixon W. was featured in The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad Business section today where he shared the importance of risk management to be a good investor & fund manager. Feel free to read about ...

Cover Story on Wealth, The Edge Malaysia

June 8, 2022|

Our sincere #gratitude to Editor Kuek Ser Kwang Zhe & The Edge Malaysia for the in-depth cover story of the journey of our CEO, Zhu Hann NG towards the setting up of Tradeview Capital, the 10th Boutique Fund Management Company licensed by Securities Commission ...

Bursa Malaysia Inaugural Author Talk Series

June 5, 2022|

Hosted by Bursa Academy Knowledge Centre to promote investor's education & literacy, Hann was invited to share his views on "Investing with the Right Mindset" in Bursa's theatrette. This happened on 11 May 2022. It was a live in person ...

China Technology Stocks All Doom & Gloom?

April 1, 2022|

What transpired over the week in the Chinese stock market (especially tech sector) was indeed a rollercoaster ride. The magnitude of plunge and rebound is shocking even by global standards. So should investors still consider ...

Investing Amid Geopolitical Risk

April 1, 2022|

It's never easy thinking about investing during market turbulence amidst global geopolitical tensions. The last thing on the mind of investors are about profits as preservation of capital becomes important. However, it also offers good ...

StarBiz – ESG or Not, Fund Flow Drive Rallies

March 6, 2022|

ESG investment theme and philosophy have been widely emphasised by many quarters in the past two years. For this reason, companies and sectors which were deemed non-compliant have been impacted in terms of share price ...

StarBiz – Buying Beaten-Down Stocks

March 6, 2022|

It is never easy to decide when to buy a stock during a selloff. It is even harder to do so when the magnitude is huge. This week I focused my attention to 3 big ...