Anniversary of Tradeview Capital

Published On: April 2, 2023

Exactly today, which also happened to be April Fool’s Day was the first day of operations for us. It was sort of a prelude to us for wanting to start a business in capital markets. Only fools do that 😂.

But what gives us pride on the day of our anniversary is how well our small team worked together. True to the spirit of a boutique fund management company, we relied on one another to navigate a difficult economy, investment climate and stock market volatility while protecting our clients’ capital and delivering returns.

Everyone in our team been through a lot in their respective corporate career. Many made sacrifices including taking a pay cut and risk of being part of this new venture. Although there were many naysayers but equally, we had a lot of support and help by good friends, family, the media and of course our clients.

We believe it is both a huge privilege and responsibility to manage funds of clients. That said, so long as the team remains close knit and always remember that clients’ interest above all else, Tradeview Capital will be a mainstay.

Here is to many more years ahead.

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